For the Adults

Our needs vary depending of our age and our activity.
With the years passing by, our metabolism slows down and our needs decrease. So, you have to adjust your energy balance et adapt your diet to your needs and your goals.

What I could do to fulfil your goals:

I will work with you on diet menus to address your weight-related


concerns and achieve your goals, i.e. reduce your weight and then 

maintain it on a long term basis.

For the ones concerned by the NASH (Fatty liver) disease, the


first step is to lose 1-2% of your body weight and you


will notice, quickly, the first positive impact on your medical exams .  



About the menopausal weight gain, any woman can see body


changes around their 45-50 years. 

With the adaptation of your diet to your way of life and my advice


(drainage, workout, massage)  you will notice a significant amelioration


of your body weight.



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